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Mounting a birdhouse is easy and doesn't take much effort or time.  Imagine the sweet sound of birds singing as you sit back on your lawn chair..un-plug and savor the sweet serenity of nature in the comfort of your own private sanctuary.  

Did you know ?

-Many birds are important in plant reproduction through their services as pollinators or seed dispersers.

-Being in the company of Birds = Improved Mental Health for Humans. Studies have shown spending time in nature improves both cognition and mental health

-Birds play a critical role in the ecosystem.  Helping to keep populations in check helps to insure survival for all species of animals/insects etc...

I design, build, deliver and install various types of birdhouses.

The nesting boxes I make typically attract the following Birds:

Blue Birds

Tree Swallows




Tufted Titmice


Some Key Features of my Birdhouses:
-Overhang roof, drainage holes and vents to keep the nest dry and cool
-Side door opens for easy cleaning
-Weather resistant plated and/or galvanized deck screws
-Predator resistant entrance hole

I can also customize your birdhouse-various colors, abstract art versions and other creative options-can contact me at 608-354-8228 

Ill be uploading pics and interesting info about birds on my new facebook page titled : Nest and Rest Birdhouses 
 (Tap on the icon to see the page)

I am also going to be making Bee Houses (Mason Bees)


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