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Mission:  To Promote the conservation and awareness of bluebirds.  We build, deliver and install blue bird houses. 

Click here to visit The North American Blue Bird Society's Webpage or you can check out the Blue Bird Restoration Association of Wisconsin (BRAW)  Its a great resource for information and another way that you can help support the survival of this species.  

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Bluebird Man - Al Larson Wildlife Documentary
Bluebird Man is the story of 94-year-old Al Larson, a self-taught conservationist who has committed the last 35 years of his life to recovering bluebirds(Please note: it is NOT recommended to mount boxes on trees or wood poles).

Bluebirds lay 3 to 5 eggs.  The eggs incubate for 12-14 days and the young will fledge in 15 to 20 days.

Bluebirds may raise up to 3 broods in a season.

Baby Bluebirds love to eat live or dried mealworms.

Add some color and excitement to your garden (and your life !) by setting up Bluebird homes in your yard.

1.5 " Diameter Entrance Hole

Pine Wood Construction using heavy duty Water Proof Glue along with Wood Screws to ensure a long lasting home   

We also make these models with different wood:
White Pine

(View from bottom) Drainage holes to prevent water build up and to promote air circulation on hot days.

(side view) Notice White Nail on left side-this is locking pin to keep the side clean out door closed to prevent predators from entering the nest box.  

Ventilation gap near roof to help regulate temperature.

Pine Box Show here - Slightly lighter in color then cedar

(side view)  Folding side door for cleaning out the box and to observe the fledglings. 

Cedar Box Shown here - Slightly darker in color then pine

If you wish to paint your box its best to use a light color (to help keep temps down) exterior grade latex or water based paint.  and DO NOT PAINT THE INSIDE OF THE BOX.  

Installation Of the Nesting Boxes:  We do install them also if you wish or if you want to do it your self here are the materials that we recommend that you use.  Its best NOT to attach the box to a tree or a wood post as that usually makes for easy access for predators (racoons, snakes, cats, etc...) 

1) Black Gas Line Pipe 3/4' thick-Comes in 10 foot sections-ideal height for box is approx 6 feet and allow for 2 feet to go below ground level.  So an 8 foot pole should work.   Hardware Store can usually cut it for you if you ask.  It is also a good idea to grease the pole to help discourage predators from climbing it.

or another, slightly less expensive, option  is 3/4"Electrical Conduit Pipe also cut to 7-8 foot section.

2) 3/4' Floor Flange to screw into the bottom of the nesting box

3) #10 x 5/8"Wood Screws to attach the above floor flange to the nesting box.

Alternately you can mount the box to a pole using 2 of these clamps called a 2 Hole Strap 3/4" - attached to back of nest box.



1) Pine Nesting Box = $39+WI Sales Tax (5.5%) $2.15 = $41.15

2) Cedar Nesting Box=$49 +WI Sales Tax (5.5%) $2.70 = $51.70

Boxes can occasionally be delivered in the Middleton/Madison West Side-You to pick them up at my office in Middleton - and while you are here can see my artwork also if you wish.

To place your order you can go the payments page on this website to use our secure PayPal function to process your order-Add a note in the comments re quantity or you can also order via Phone by calling me at 608-354-8228.


Patrick Ready (Dane County Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin Coordinator) provides some pro tips on how to attract Bluebirds at the Annual Garden Expo here in Madison (which if you have-not been to you definitely need to check it out!)  to see this video can click here)

The Madison Audubon Society page also has some excellent info on plants that you can use to help attract birds click here and another good resource for almost all things BlueBirds click here

Here are 2 videos videos to help with placement and installation:

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How To Easily Install a Bluebird Nest Box
Visit (Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin) Nesting Boxes, Bird Houses, Blue Birds
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Create Bluebird Habitat - Make Your Own Bluebird Trail
This short video will give you some basic knowledge on how to make a bluebird trail. Nestbox or birdhouse design and mounting your bluebird houses.
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