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Invasive Plants

These species can spread rapidly with negative consequences for native species. Invasive plant species have an impact on the diversity of local species, they affect water availability and damage the quality of soil nutrients. Once an alien plant has invaded a habitat, it changes the conditions of that environment.

As part of our mission to bring people and nature together we aim to  educate our clients about the negative impacts that invasive plants can have-and We do offer consultation services/removal services for invasive plants - You can reach us at 608-354-8228

Anne Pearce, of the Wisconsin First Detector Network, is an excellent resource (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and very reliable information can be found at their site here, phone at (608)262-9570 , or email at

Here are just a few of the culprits/thugs:


Honey Suckle

Japanese Barberry

Burning Bush

Call me today at 608-354-8228 or email at

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