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We are proud to announce that we have won the NextDoor Neighborhood Favorite award for our second consecutive year.  If you are a member of the NextDoor Community (Which if you are not - I highly recommend that you join !) you can find a lot of reviews of our work on there also.    Click on the icon above to be directed to that wonderful site 

Comments from some of my many satisfied clients:

"I am so pleased with the landscaping Scott has done at my home. He brings a tremendous amount of energy and stamina to his work as well as great sensitivity and intelligence in determining which plants to prune and what to remove. He understood what I wanted to accomplish and offered many suggestions, including natural, non-toxic treatments for a variety of problems. His work is definitely a cut above."

Laine G.  

“Provides excellent and timely lawn service and snow removal. Willing to 'go the extra mile.' J Levitt, Lenox “I would recommend Scott for any Job he may be hired to do. I know him to be a person of integrity.”

Matt A.

“Scott is straight-up guy with a passion for trees.”

Roger P. 

“Scott is one of those all to rare contractors that exercises care in his work and does what he's hired to do well, on time, and for the agreed price. He's got an excellent eye when it comes to landscaping and always has useful suggestions. Highly recommended.”

Lonny J. 

“Scott Harrington is an active member of Church on the Hill, United Church of Christ in Lenox. As such he takes the initiative for supporting our social media (Facebook, website), offers to get publicity about our many offerings and programs by posting flyers in the community, and believes in spreading the word about the power of God in the work of the church by making signs of welcome and inviting people to worship. He has invited and brought friends and family to Sunday worship and is a witness to the good news.He acts what he believes.”

Natalie Shiras  

 “Scott gets things done efficiently, with a friendly, professional, courteous manner. He is very focused and does what he promises. He will offer follow up if needed. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Diana F. 

"Scott is a very reliable person, who has expertly carried out several projects for me at my property in Lenox: punctual, fastidious, and thoroughly professional. I intend to keep using him in future, and would recommend him to any other homeowner looking for a conscientious performance. He's also s very nice guy!"

Davd G. 

"When a tree fell on our garage Scott was there in a heartbeat to assess the situation and solve it. Whether it's yard work, fall clean up, tree trimming, or building and installing a beautiful bat house Scott can do it all!"

J. Hughes  

 “I had the pleasure to know Scott Harrington in a snow stormy week, we wouldn't be able to get to our home without his help. Scott surprised us with his immediate presence. Excellent job, very flexible and extremely fair.”

Ahmed M. 

"Scott offers very affordable, quick and responsive service. He is really easy to get along with and always fair. He is comfortable communicating via all avenues, such as Facebook, email, text and phone, which makes it easy to get in touch with him for help. He has done a good job on our lawn care and did an amazing job cleaning up the house and grounds across the street, which had been vacant and neglected for some time until it was inherited by an out-of-town relative of the previous owner - a big job that was well executed."

Andreas S

"Scott has great ideas for garden design, works hard and gets his projects done on time....I couldn't ask for better service!"

Tom W. 

“Scott did a beautiful job landscaping my property in Lenox, Ma. No job was too big or too small. He cleared trees, planted flowers and laid a wonderful path to my front door. Great Results, High Integrity, Creative...My home/yard were transformed!”

Claude Stein 

“It has been wonderful to have scott do my yardwork and snow removal. he is professional, very hardworking, and i would recommend him to anyone in need of home/yard maintenance.”

Mary F.  

“Scott Harrington has worked both at my house and business in Lenox. He is always prompt, responsive and responsible. Scott also brings a special eye to his work – he’s an artist and it shows. In my work, there is always a lot of tension about getting a job done in time, and Scott always works quietly, quickly and efficiently. Aside from being good at his work, he is a kind man and generous in spirit.”

C. Hale 

“My husband and I have a large lawn and were looking for ways to decrease mowing time and enhance the look of the property. Scott came out to us with his sketch book and spent the afternoon talking with us about what type of lawn and gardens we wanted, the type of plantings we preferred (perennials) and the color schemes we had in mind. He made sketches, taking all of the information we had talked about and we worked with him until we had the look we wanted. Scott came up with a beautiful, workable design for our property. He helped us with plant ordering and delivery, and soil amendments. WE are very pleased with the outcome.”

Barbara S.

"Scott, many thanks for your timely and thorough work on our lawn. In 14 years, I've never seen the lawn look more beautiful as it is deep green, thick and a great place to walk barefoot. I thought I was doing an OK job on my own but knew something wasn't right and, when I called you, I wasn't even sure of the right questions. But, you knew what needed to be done, completed your work on a very timely basis and the results are beyond my expectations. I look forward to working with you to maintain our healthy lawn and to tending our gardens in the future, too."

Matt M. 

Scott Harrington Landscape and Tree Service, LLC

Middleton, WI

(608) 354-8228

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