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Personal. Creative. Professional.

-Tree Pruning, Removal and Planting

-Landscape Design and Installation

-Annual Maintenance Packages

(Create your own personalized program:  Options include: Pruning, Planting, Weeding, Aeration, Fertilization, Lawn Renovations, Spring/Fall Clean Ups, Vacation Snow Removal, and more)

Mission Statement

We create and maintain sustainable outdoor spaces that enrich the lives of our clients, enhance the natural beauty of our community and conserve the resources of our planet.

Guiding Principles

1) Safety First: Keeping the safety of yourself and others in mind.

2) Quality: Exceeding the customers’ expectations.

3) Integrity: Consistent and honest behavior, no matter who is watching.

4) Education: We are life long learners and we enjoy teaching our clients.

5) Professionalism: Personal appearance and behavior must always support our mission and values.

6) Creativity: We view tree and landscape care as an art form.

7) Environmental Stewardship: We Practice conservation and ethical treatment of nature in ALL aspects of our business.

“Scott is one of those all to rare contractors that exercises great care in his work and does what he's hired to do well, on time, and for the agreed price. He's got an excellent eye when it comes to landscaping and always has useful suggestions. Highly recommended.”

Lonny J. 

-100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

-Insured and Registered

-ISA Certified Arborist (Cert #NE-7141A)

-Member of The Wisconsin Arborist Association, Middleton Chamber of Commerce, National Arbor Day Foundation and sitting member on the City Of Middleton Sustainability Committee 

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