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Art and Landscape Design

Would you like you yard to be valued/considered an artistic masterpiece?

One thing that makes my company unique is that I have an extensive background in visual art.  I see landscapes as my "canvas" and trees/shrubs/flowers as my "paints."

Making art allows me the freedom to experiment with color combinations and to keep my style fluid/relaxed.  Keeping a balance between  logical/spatial/mathematical mind and creative/intuitive/heart mind is a critical factor in approaching the art of designing landscapes.  

To think outside of the box and work with the landscape to allow its inherent beauty be brought opposed to forcing ones will and intellect on to the times seeming to work against the landscape...often resulting in hard angles.....un-natural appearance...

I approach the landscape with the intention to bring out the positive of what is already there as opposed to trying to suppress or force out the negative.  For example, I have a lot of clients come to me with wishes for more privacy.  Often stating that they want to construct a large fence or plant a huge hedgerow around the perimeter of their properties.  In some cases this is desirable how ever it can extremely expensive.  

So in my consulting with clients we discuss and narrow it down to the 3 top attributes of their property and focus in on those.  So in the case of the privacy issue..if we start with celebrating and accentuating the positive attributes of the property and often the screening of the neighbors yard will take care of itself in this process..or the answer will arise out of the positive approach.  Most often at a fraction of the cost of the initial option to put up a fence or large hedge row.  

I will often spend a fair amount of time at a site (before starting) making sketches..taking photographs...talking with clients...looking at the landscape from all angles...from in the house..from the really get a sense of how I can bring out the best for you and your landscape

A lot of large commercial companies are more focused on quantity rather then quality...with multiple projects going on at once...and they do not often have the time/focus to really tune in to what you want..and what is best for your landscape. 

When you hire are in a way hiring an artist in residence...having my undivided attention and focus.  Which is one reason why I have such a long list of repeat clients.  They see the benefit of hiring some one, like myself, who has a background in art and who has the 'artistic eye' to really bring out the best of your landscape.

So call me today for your free estimate and let us see how we can work together to make your yard your most prized piece of artwork. Your masterpiece.  Something of real and lasting value.

For more info/images please visit:

You Tube Channel

Contact me today to come and visit my home studio/gallery located in Lenox, MA.   413-348-4505

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