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Tree Work

We provide a wide variety of tree pruning and removal services. I have the knowledge, safety training and equipment to prune/remove trees with efficiency and care. Fully Insured. ISA Certified Arborist.

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(please note a travel fee may apply for certain areas)


We offer a wide range of horticultural services ranging from pest identification to tree pruning.  

Free Firewood and Wood Chips / Wood Chips

As a service to the community (Primarily the west side of Madison and Middleton Area) and as part of our mission to attain a 0% waste rating we like to offer free wood chips and firewood. Occasionally we can deliver wood for a fee other wise I will be posting the sites where wood is and you can pick it up.  


arborist wood chips tree service

Scott Harrington Landscape and Tree Service

Middleton, WI


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